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List your best 25 vegetables to lose weight fast and improve your health within 1 month

List your best 25

vegetables to lose weight fast and improve your health within 1 month

1 Bean Sprout

vegetables to lose weight fast

vegetables to lose weight fast

This is the kind of beans from Asian countries. From the nutritional point of view, the amount of energy in the bean sprouts is 100g per serving of only 8 calories. Only those traits that may have been able to demonstrate effective weight loss from bean sprouts.

2. Celery

vegetables to lose weight fastvegetables to lose weight fast

Celery contains a lot of vitamins but low in calories. So celery is the perfect solution for your weight loss diet. You can combine greens and other fruits to make salad dressings every day: celery, carrots, radishes, mixed with vegetables, lemon and oil: Just apply diet With celery and greens for 7 days will see the effect can be reduced to 2kg.

3. grapefruit

vegetables to lose weight fast

vegetables to lose weight fast

The substances found in grapefruit also help the liver burn excess fat. In addition, high levels of vitamin C in grapefruit, have antioxidant effects, reduce the risk of cancer. Grapefruit is capable of destroying toxins, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, influenza, urinary diseases, pectin rich, lycopene is an antioxidant that helps to reduce risk of stomach cancer. Grapefruit also possesses the ability to break down fat as well because many types of enzymes break down fat and also help detoxify the liver. Grapefruit can be used after meals for one hour to promote the effect of pomelos.

4. pineapple

vegetables to lose weight fast

vegetables to lose weight fast

Not only is the fruit delicious, pineapple is rich in fiber, digestive enzymes, vitamins C, A, calcium, potassium to nourish the body and beautiful skin. Pineapple is also considered fruit that has a very good a

nti-aging effect, which helps to prolong the youth of the youth. Just one glass of pineapple juice a day helps to prevent weight gain. Because pineapple juice burns fat in the body, so this is a great suggestion for those who want to lose weight.


vegetables to lose weight fast

vegetables to lose weight fast

Contains a lot of nutrients as protit, sugar, fiber, caroteen, vitamin PP, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron. do not contain lipids, low in sodium, acid substances contained in the fruit can drain excess fat in the body but also inhibits the metabolism of sugar into fat, against the area of fat in the body. Each day should use 200 ml juice pumpkin or a cup of soup will help lose weight fast.

6. oats

vegetables to lose weight fast

vegetables to lose weight fast

For those who are trying to lose weight, oatmeal is a perfect choice.

Oatmeal is very low in calories (147 calories / cup) without adding fat to the body and high fiber content in oats absorbs water and provides a high level of satiety to help keep one full time. Longer time and stay away from feeling hungry. Research shows that daily consumption of cereal powder helps prevent obesity and overweight problems in children.

Here are the key ingredients in oatmeal that bring many health benefits, especially the use of oats in weight loss:

• Rich in protein: Oats are rich in protein, one of the most essential nutrients we need to stay healthy.

• Oats are a good source of antioxidants, prevent asthma, boost immunity, and help you lose weight.

• Contains high levels of soluble fiber: These soluble fiber helps reduce bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and support weight loss. The oatmeal soluble fiber helps you feel full longer, limiting snacking to unhealthy foods.

• The insoluble fiber in oats helps stimulate digestion, prevent constipation and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.

Oatmeal has a high content of complex carbohydrates, which reduces the risk of hyperglycemia, which is key to losing weight while simultaneously releasing energy to support effective weight loss.

Oats contain phytochemicals and beta glucan to increase immunity to the body, helping to bring about many health benefits for the body such as cancer prevention and especially improve your health during weight loss.

7. Tomato

vegetables to lose weight fast

vegetables to lose weight fast

Tomato food is very familiar, close. Tomatoes have many uses for beauty, especially nutritious weight loss. Rich in vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C (39%), Vitamin A (30%), Vitamin K (12%) and Potassium (12%). High fiber content helps to meet 8% of the calories needed for the body, while reducing blood sugar, thereby lowering cholesterol in the body. At the same time, fiber in tomatoes helps absorb excess fat in the body. And excreted along with the toxins. That is why tomatoes are considered by researchers to be effective in weight loss.

8. the grape

vegetables to lose weight fast

vegetables to lose weight fast

A great food for weight loss, which has been chosen by the world's stars to lose weight. Grapefruit helps curb hunger and reduces appetite. Not only that, the grape skin contains tannin and oil, while grape grains contain tannin, phlobaphene, lecithin, cellulose, organic acids, Vanilla ... are all essential nutrients that have the effect of losing weight naturally, keeping the body healthy. Should eat grapes daily, or one day a bowl of yogurt mixed with 15 freshly peeled grapes. Make you provide enough substance for the body and quickly lose weight.

9. Legumes


vegetables to lose weight fast

Peanuts are rich in fiber, a protein that helps to reduce fat, but still provides enough nutrients for the body.

Vegetables lose weight fast, if possible, should be used regularly with the meals of the day. Can use just one of these vegetables lose weight fast enough to work. .

10 . Broccoli

vegetables to lose weight fast

 vegetables to lose weight fast

Broccoli contains a compound called glucoraphanin, which helps to re-establish your cell metabolism. When the cellular energy systems do not work well, excess nutrients form the cholesterol that forms fat tissue, which causes obesity. Broccoli contains 2.3 times as much glucoraphanin as other green vegetables. According to me, broccoli is good for people with fat in the blood, fatty liver by consuming 400g of broccoli a week helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood and body.

Especially for sedentary people, the first few days will be very painful muscles, protein in broccoli will help the muscles recover. Broccoli also contains large amounts of carotenoid lutein, which helps fight arteriosclerosis and stroke, improves blood circulation and improves blood circulation. 

11. Sugar beet

vegetables to lose weight fast

vegetables to lose weight fast

Beets are high in fiber

Half a cup of beet may give you over 1 gram of fiber - this is important for weight loss. Fiber helps to lower cholesterol by attaching to low density lipoprotein (LDL), increasing the amount of fiber that can help you lose weight. Fiber does not digest that it helps you eat high fiber foods, you will feel full longer. Add radishes to increase fiber into your diet.

2. Low Calories

Turnips are low in calories and if you replace some turnip snacks or regular turnips you will be eating less fat and calorries. Especially when you eat green vegetables that contain very little fat or added sauces, you may feel full but very low in calories. The calories in your body will naturally decrease by replacing high fat foods and sugar with radishes.

In ½ cup rice with radish contains 12 calorries of energy. Radish will fill your stomach and satisfy your hunger easily but does not give you a lot of calories. It contains low carbohydrates that are easy to digest and contain large amounts of water. This is also a natural diuretic that helps people with jaundice, urological disorders, fever, cancer, leucoderma and also skin disorders.

In a recent study in Japan, rats fed turnips for 3 weeks, then came to a conclusion in rats with bad cholesterol and insulin, and increased LDL cholesterol. So nutrition experts recommend using turnips as a vegetable salad dressing or eat them as a high fiber snack.

3. Radish contains high antioxidants

The availability of antioxidants in a food begins the process of antioxidant in the body. So be rest assured that turnips in particular and fruits in general are high in antioxidants, giving you a beautiful skin and body.

Beetroot juice can make you feel hot, sweet and slightly hard to drink. To be able to drink comfortably without worrying about its taste, you can combine radish with other fruits or fresh green vegetables. Add a radish, radish, 1 carrot or apple or simply pineapple juice to create a sense of fragrant aroma of radish.

12. Shiitake mushrooms

vegetables to lose weight fast

vegetables to lose weight fast

Eat shiitake mushrooms can often reduce the triglyceride concentrations markedly and the harmful LDL lipoprotein, at the same time increase the amount of lipoprotein HDL blood vessels made useful more ventilation, stability and weight. Shiitake mushrooms are considered food for people with anemia due to iron deficiency, high blood pressure, diabetes, child malnutrition.

Shiitake mushrooms have the effect of detoxification and protects liver cells very well. The polysaccharide in the shiitake has the ability activated immune cells, promote the process of growth and development of lymphocytes. Strengthen the immune system

Today, scientists have confirmed the shiitake has the effect of strengthening the body's immune system, inhibit cell cancer, lower blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol, prevent kidney stones and urinary stones, help digestion ...

13.roasted corn

vegetables to lose weight fast

vegetables to lose weight fast

Corn rich in substances like vitamin E, calcium, selenium, phosphor ... have the effect of reducing blood cholesterol. In addition to the above uses, corn milk contains lecithin - which works with the nervous system and Vitamin E with good antioxidant properties, helps improve skin tone and regulates blood flow in women. , very suitable for beauty.


vegetables to lose weight fast

vegetables to lose weight fast

Seaweed has a rich mineral content, does not contain heat. When eating can give appropriate amount of vinegar, or fried with chicken eggs.


vegetables to lose weight fast

vegetables to lose weight fast

Red carrots contain more vitamins, carotene, calcium and other nutrients to help your body absorb more easily. In particular, dietary fiber improves metabolism, balancing the needs of the body.


vegetables to lose weight fast

A great reason to add this spice to your meal is that it will increase the metabolism of your body. A compound called capsaicin in chili has a thermogenic effect, which means it causes the body to burn calories for 20 minutes after eating chili. If you can not eat a lot of peppers, feel the spicy taste of chili.


High protein and soluble fiber, two nutrients have the ability to stabilize blood sugar levels. Eating them helps prevent insulin spikes caused by the body to create excess fat, especially in the abdominal area. Eat more lentils will help you within two toned.

18.Cinnamon :

Not the weight loss effects, cinnamon helps regulate insulin before meals. Research in America has shown that using ¼ tea spoon cinnamon each day to help lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels with people with diabetes type 2


Many people are surprised the potatoes can help you lose weight but the real problem is not the potato itself that is the way they are cooked.
The chips contain much fat so you should replace with the baked or boiled potatoes to eat better diets. Potatoes also contain only 97 calories while sweet potatoes delicious though than contained to contain 120 calories.

20. salads

You can use combined with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cabbage, green peppers, lettuce or cucumbers to make salad in the diet because they contain very few calories, rich in fiber.

21. Garlic :

Garlic helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, and has the effect of increasing HDL do support.

22. Orange :

Orange contains 48 calories so it also help you eat more slowly and easily recognized signal has no body in every meal to help you finish the meal earlier, from which you do not eat more. Known in 200 ml of orange juice contains about 115 fiber.

23.Pears and apples

apples and pears In contains fiber and pectin has the effect of reducing blood sugar and adjust the feed rations should be very suitable for weight loss.


The food is too familiar in the beauty of the women right? With 100 g strawberries every day you can lose weight in a significant way in the long run. Strawberries are high in vitamin C content of our comparison with watermelon and is the leading choice for women

25.Kiwifruit :

Kiwi has the effect of accelerating the process absorbed vitamin c. Eating in the morning would bring distinctly effective. Other fruits such as strawberries, grapefruit ... also have a similar effect

Vegetables are a good source of protein

Most people think that "food protein" is the meat and milk. Savvy shoppers also pointed out that the type of beans are an excellent source of protein. Very few people are aware that vegetables are low in calories but there are many vegetables contain protein. Such as vegetable salads also contains high amounts of protein.
Because salads contain more fiber and protein (about 300 calories), very difficult to eat a lot of salad mix. In fact, to get 300 calories, you need to eat 20 servings (it's 40 the salads). If you want to lose weight more then should be combined with some other vegetables to not feel hard feeding.
A chopped broccoli contains about 30 calories. It has 2.5 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber. Now compare with a junk food we find unhealthy junk food containing fat causes a starvation response is not good for your weight loss strategy. Instead, you enjoy a large amount of about 3. It will help you to stop the hunger and provide more calories for the body.
Also celery? Most people think of it as a marinade for stir-fried dishes. And they think of celery can not contain protein or fiber. But in fact, it contains 2 grams of fiber and almost 1 gram of protein (about 18 calories). So, it's good when you add it to your weight loss menu.
Vegetables are very popular food
As mentioned above, there are a lot of protein and fiber. Vegetables provide plenty of both while keeping calories low. If you are very hungry but want to lose weight, it is best to learn to love vegetables.
have chosen many ways such as: fasting, eliminating all the fancy food ... But they are not able to empty stomach during long time. So let's find out more about vegetables and eat a lot of meals, you will feel full and satisfied. This is a way of life that you can sustain indefinitely. And the secret to long-term weight loss.
The vegetables are cheap and protect you from heart disease, stroke and cancer.
Each a different vegetables contain antioxidants such as: amazing vitamin, protein, fiber, minerals. Vegetables have the strength that can heal many ailments. Vegetables help fight infection, even avoid cancer and heart disease. This reason enough for you to learn to love vegetables?
A large proportion of vegetable fiber and calories best of all kinds of food.
You have to know about the fiber with large calorie rate? A high percentage of fibre calories means a food when you eat will make you feel full and even trick your body into burning process more calories when you eat fewer calories than. This is very important to lose weight. The secret of success with this technique is that eating more vegetables.
Back with the vegetables, it has a calorie rate of 1:15 fibers. It was a surprise. Because this is the kind of food nearly lost much energy to chew and attrition than what it offered.
You can eat all the vegetables that you want in the weight loss process

There are many kinds of vegetables do you choose and use them in combination with the mode in the process of reducing the long-cânlâu such as: cabbage, broccoli, celery, beans and. ..
But remember don't overdo too much on vegetables. Want to have a healthy balanced physique, you have to combine diet with exercise science and rationality.

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