Make a good content – how to provide instant content, authority, and traffic.

Make a good content – how to provide instant content, authority, and traffic.

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Content creation is an art – the art of creating content, processing words, images, and motion to convey message values of products, of individuals or businesses.

However, creating a single content is a simple task. It is more difficult than professional content to create a complete content system for the channel, optimize marketing activities.

In this article, I do not guide how to write content , how to share with you how to think of professional and systematic content marketing.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ảnh content

PART 1: WRITE A PRO CONTENT – “Write What Now?”

Let’s go through the questions below. Then you will be able to answer the question “What to write now?”

1. Who will read this article?

That is, the audience / customer group your channel, product, and business is targeting. For example: the object is male or female, what age, which profession are their common psychology? And what is important: Are they interested in what we are about to do?

For example: to write for men should be simple, straightforward, straightforward – writing for women must be around the “fluttering” cause excitement has already come into question. Writing for young people who can be shocking, shocking, attention-grabbing, writing to a middle-aged or experienced entrepreneur must demonstrate the new depth that drives them.

2. Write down what to do?

Once you understand your customer, return to your own goal. What do you write down to do?
There are 3 common goals when doing content: 1 is to order, 2 is to increase the interaction. 3 is branding. Of course, these three purposes may be in the same article, but there is always one main purpose.

3. For each purpose, how will you orient your writing?

• Post to order

Solve: The article must solve the customer’s problem – that is, instead of thinking about how to write well, learn how to think about problems & solve problems! And what is the customer’s problem, how do we help them solve the simplest way to order!

• Increased article interaction

Solve: Getting the right mindset and behavior of the object set, then using some psychological tactics such as GIFTS (minigame, giftaway, document sharing), TRENDS (writing about a movement / character / FEATURING FEELING: angry, happy, touching, lovable … Always put Call To Action towards an interactive action: like, share, cmt, inbox …

• Branding article

Solve: Turn your brand into an influential person! It means that you have to show the character and character of the “brand character” and create a link between “brand personality” – “customer’s emotions” – and “value for the community. In a branding article, never really talk about the physical characteristics of the product!

For example, is your brand popular or luxurious, it evokes friendliness or pride, the level of the customer, how it affects its industry and society?

4. Build outline

For professional writers, an outline is usually built in the writer’s head like a reflex. But if you’re not professional enough, try out the layout for your article.

Often there will be no exact outline, only the proper adjustment to achieve the effect. However, there is no shortage of common parts in the basic outline of an article:

– Title attracts customers to read the article.
– Lead (sapo) Open, link between title and content in the post.
– Information The main content will want to promote products, brands, deployment programs.
– Call to action directs customers to an interactive action we want.
– Contact information (contact) For customers to connect easily.

SUCCESSFUL: In order to have a professional channel, it is imperative for the content to consistently target the audience, the target, the form, the content, and the consistency that will produce the COLOR for the channel.

Especially demonstrate yourself as a professional writer by carefully checking the spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, etc. before the article.

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