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            • post designer
            • one up date - multiple shares
            • contents feed
            • hassle free upgrades
            • milion of HD photo vectors & illustration


            You need the sofware to manage all of your major social accounts with just a few clicks of your mouse SO BleuPage Pro -> One Click Social Media Publisher IS THE BEST CHOICES

            BleuPage Pro review – What is it?

            BleuPage Pro -> One Click Social Media Publisher by Lance Robinson is best premium social media publisher management softaware to manage all of your major social accounts with just a few clicks of your mouse. This is best one click social media publisher software to autopost and schedule your blog posts across all the major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube.

            BleuPage Pro overview

            Special Features of Bleupage pro:

             POST DESIGNER

            With the custom designer tool, you can easily create any type of content you want to post in your fans newsfeed. With a simple drag-and-drop dashboard, you can insert iamgesm vieos, option-forms,buttons,text,background iamges and more!


            BleuPagePro gives you the chance to seek out and re-schedule your favorite posts; you can even schedule your social media posts (Facebook, twitter, linked in and many more) in advance using the BleuPagePro scheduler option , so you can continue with the posts automatically as you focus on other tasks simultaneously.


            From text to a huge variety of background editable images, BP Pro gives you the ability to post your own image/backgrounds through multiple social media sites with one click. Post design is feature rich and provides the ability to easily create powerful content with a few clicks.


            This new and improved version of BleuPagePro helps you grasp your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linked In pages by allowing you to post powerful interactive content directly into different newsfeeds.

            CONTENTS FEED

            Our software allows you to develop high quality content, optimize, and engage with your target audiences. This section lets you utilize the latest news atnd stories from the “trending categories” for your audiences latest news updates.


            Get easy analytics access, helping rank your best performance posts. Therefore, you can view your Facebook, Twitter and Linked In posts and you can re-schedule them anytime.


            Auto posting allows users to “set and forget” their social media marketing strategy.  Users can easily pick when they want posts to be made with recurring scheduling capabilities and choose from 31 categories that pull from news outlets such as CNtN and Bloomberg to post automatically.  Multiple industries and campaigns can be selected.


            This is a cloud based system works as a SaaS (Software as a Service) which means there is nothing to download. You can access BleuPagePro from a simple browser without having it installed on your system. We are updating our services from time to time and surely we’ll inform our valuable customers about it.The GREAT thing is, we will give FREE OF COST addition to our services on all the packages altogether.


            Choose from millions of HD images to post through BP Pro.  This amazing uploading option lets you choose from over 5 million images to promote from over , this amazing uploading option in BleuPagePro lets you choose from over half a million high resolution images, vectors, and illustrations to promote.


            Use the BleuPagePro “Gating” feature to get people to share your offer with their Facebook friends. With the push of a button, you can tell BleuPagePro when you want to “gate” an offer. Once your post is published, people will be asked to share your offer before they can access it for themselves, creating a free flow of viral traffic to your posts.


            Log in to multiple accounts and gain leads from the coolest and smartest online marketing tool! You can manage all of your social meadia accounts through BleuPagePro. Currently you can manage Facebook, twitter, linked in, and Pinterest with many more to come. New features are also added daily, allowing us to keep up with social media and digital marketing trends so you don’t have to!


            By using the built-in “Email Marketing” posting feature, you can collect user emails from Facebook totally FREE! Plus, you can auto-deliver your opt-in content directly to the user after they’re on your list! This is a very powerful and effective list building technique that can increase profits within your business immediately.

            How could it help ?

            BLEUPAGE PRO IS THE ULTIMATE 8-IN-1 SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOL AND WORKS WITH… Printerest , Linkedin, Google + , Facebook , Twitter , WordPress, Youtube, Instagram.


            • Simple User InterfaceOur graphical user-interface doesn’t feel cluttered… When you login it’s easy to “point and click” your way to social media success (without any tech skills)
            • Create Posts That Stand Out With A Click We offer intuitive post design… others don’t
            • No Learning CurveUnlike other services that take weeks to learn, you can easily become a social media management expert in minutes with Bleupage Pro

              Have you ever purchased a software that didn’t get the support it deserved?

              It’s frustrating to buy something that doesn’t continue to work over time.
              With Bleupage Pro, we work around the clock to make sure our 2500+ customers get the support,updates,and service they need.
              Bleupage Pro will be here for you today,tomorrow,and for months and even years into the future…



            Who Is BleuPage Pro For?

            The bottom line is this…

            If you do ANYTHING online, you can benefit from BleuPage Pro.

            Social media is big… and getting bigger… It’s CRUCIAL that you have a way to connect with people across multiple social media networks, and BleuPage Pro makes it easier than ever…

            If you fall into any of the following categories, you NEED BleuPage Pro…

            • Affiliate Marketers
            • Consultants – Use BleuPage Pro With Your Clients!
            • CPA Marketers

            how exactly does BleuPage Pro work?

            Step 1: Connect your social multimedia addresses

            An easier way to manage all your Social networking accounts in One place. BleuPage Pro provides you the choice to manage all your Facebook Webpages, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterests account from one dashboard. Furthermore, you can launch and keep track of effective marketing campaigns as well. Each one of these excited opportunities at 1 step. Simply click on the Link button, Login to your Facebook or myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest account and let’s begin.

            Step 2: Create a post, Flag or Tweet

            This is where BleuPage Pro really shines. Select the type of content you’d prefer to publish in your audience’s newsfeed such as…

            • Optin types that appear directly within people’s newsfeeds, so you can begin collecting leads using any kind of major third party autoresponder.
            • Promotions, coupons or even videos to interact your users, without tugging them away from their newsfeed.

            Step 3: Configure Autoposting

            Take pleasure in auto pilot social multimedia management, very first ever tool on the market together with such a powerful feature!

            • Auto posting is one of their distinctive features which has never already been developed before in the industry. Car posting looks high end, reputable content from world’s respected content providers which your personal audience will like to read for example Bloomberg, CNN, New York Occasions and thousands of other rss feeds.
            • Keep your audience involved and interested in your webpages while you are working on building your company. No need to worry about your social websites management ever again.
            • Auto placing is working for you round the clock through posting directly on your interpersonal pages latest, high demand at ease with high resolution pictures formatted for the pages.
            • Auto posting can make auto tweets, pins in addition to posts without your treatment! what else you need?

            Step 4: Thousand of HD photos

            Designing and selection of extremely attractive images are always struggle for marketers and people. BleuPage Pro will provide anyone millions of HD images associated with your niche. You can use these types of high resolution images for more elegance.

            Step 5: Give it some design

            Next, choose a template or even create your own. Now include your content and your status up-date, and then post to Fb, all within BleuPage Pro player.

            • Get 55 professionally created templates already pre-built as well as waiting for you inside the software program
            • Make your newsfeed written content POP out from the crowd and get the interest is deserves! Watch your own marketing response sky explode
            • Select from a range of expertly designed templates: Email Opt-ins, Video and Discount Coupons
            • Use the Custom Post Artist to build your own unique write-up from scratch! The options are limitless
            • Simple drag-n-drop interface can make post creation quick-n-simple! Quit wasting time and get results quicker.

            Step 6: Schedule and door

            Schedule your Facebook articles and reviews in advance using the BleuPage Pro scheduler, and let it operate automatically as you focus on some other tasks.

            • Want your posts to look viral and generate a lot of free exposure? BleuPage Pro can do that too, because of a feature called “gating ”.
            • Gating is where individuals are asked to share your offer you with heir Facebook buddies in order to unlock the present for themselves.
            • With the drive of a button, you can explain to BleuPage Pro when you want in order to “gate” an offer. Once your current post is published, individuals will be asked to share your own personal offer before they can can get on for themselves, creating a free circulation of viral traffic to you.
            • You can also gate provides by asking people to publish their email address instead. This can be a highly effective way to rapidly create  your email list using BleuPage Pro.

            Step 7: Bask within your glory!

            Do you want to know how powerful your promotions are? Together with BleuPage Pro, the pre-installed analytical tool shows you precisely who’s responding the most, and also which offers are generating probably the most clicks.
            Finally, you can see in which the gold is and where you can focus your attention for your future special offers.

            Why BleuPagePro is better than other social media management software?

            • It is simple user interface. This graphical user-Interface does not feel cluttered. When you login it is easy to “point and click” your way to social media success without any tech skills.
            • You can create posts that stand out with a click we offer intuitive post design, while others do not.
            • No learning curve. Unlike other services which take weeks to learn, you can become a social media management expert easily in minutes with BleuPagePro.

            BleuPagePro works on all browsers…

            BleuPagePro also works with all major email marketing software such as MailChimp, Aweber Email Marketing, iContact, Get Response.

            Plus, you will get ongoing support and updates for free! With BleuPagePro, we work around the clock to make sure that 10,000+ customers get the support, updates, and service they need. BleuPagePro will be here for you today, tomorrow, and for months and even years to come.

            It is 100% compliant. You will never to worry about getting in trouble or violating the TOS of the social media platform when you are using BleuPagePro.

            BleuPage Pro Gives You Everything You Need To Build Your Audience, Get FREE Traffic, And
            Make Money NOW!

            • Bleupage Pro helps you engage your audience on all of the major social media platforms with the click of your mouse. This powerful software works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and even your own blogs and websites…
            • Get Bleupage Pro Today  So You Can…
            • Save TimeIt can take countless hours daily to manage your social media accounts manually…Bleupage Pro reduces that to MINUTES each day…
            • Save Moneysure, you could hire someone to handle all of this fo ryou,but why? Bleupage Pro will do the work for you…24/7…365 days per year
            • Make More MoneyBleupage Pro is powerful;…Quite frankly, this software is smarter than the average human and will get you more fans, likes, followers, and traffic than you could on your own

            What bonus would you get from BleuPage Pro -> One Hit Social Media Publisher?

            BleuPage ProBonus # 1

            200 professional design templates - BleuPage Pro
            bonus 1-BleuPage Pro 200 professional design templates

            200 professional design templates

            And more to add each month!

            These templates are professionally designed and perfect for many situations!

            There are coupon templates, attractive photos and pictures for various events such as Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, summer sale, winter sale, New Year etc etc.

            You will receive more than 200 templates added to your account when you purchase today!

            Bonus # 2

            Facebook Target Generator - BleuPage Pro
            bonus 2 -BleuPage Pro Facebook Target Generator

            Facebook Target Generator

            • Discover thousands of hidden Facebook benefits you’ll never think exist!
            • Expand Facebook advertising your audience campaign for squeezing more profits from your campaigns!
            • Use the “Power keyword” to get the most profitable interest target for any imaginable niche!
            • Totally consistent Facebook, Target Generator does NOT violate any terms of service. So, you can rest assured when using our software!
            • Extract hits & number of people talking about each page goal
            • Immediately know all the goals that involve most of the use of Affinity data!
            • Search for multiple keyword phrases, and use the “power word” handy button to add all the words with a single click!
            • Never lose your data … It means saving all your goals to external files in text, csv, and project files!

            Who Should Use BleuPage Pro?

            Think about BleuPage Pro

            It takes a lot of people to get results like this… AT&T has multiple employees in the following positions…

            • Freelancers
            • Gamers
            • Caterers
            • Entertainers
            • Event Organizers
            • Developers
            • Mimes
            • Consultants
            • Sports Men
            • Designers
            • Photographers
            • Attorneys
            • Start Highs
            • Coaches
            • Digital Marketers




            BleuPagePro is a 100% autopilot software that gets you traffic, leads, and sales from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. You can manage all of your social media profiles from one place in just minutes each day.
            This is an entirely new software and you will have to buy this to access all the great features that it has to offer. BP PRO offers auto posting also supports all the major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, G+, and YouTube. It also has Blog Posting feature that will post your blog posts across all the major platforms. BleupagePro also has other numerous features such as, Contents Feed, Discount Coupons, Email Marketing, Email Gate, Post Designer and Video Marketing.
            You need Bleupage Pro to manage and market your social media accounts and pages, Bleupage Pro will post content to all of your social media accounts and pages. It will help you in grabbing a colossal amount of leads with its Email Marketing feature. Bleupage Pro will also allow you to post discount coupons directly in your posts. If you want to automate all of your social media accounts and pages and want to increase your sales and traffic then you definitely need Bleupage Pro.
            No you don’t have to download anything BleupagePro is completely web based application that is usable only with an active internet connection.
            It is extremely easy to use even a 10 year old kid can set it up without any hassle.
            You can’t post discount coupons, set-up email gates or make posts with high definition and eye catching templates without the help of this software. You can post content to all of your social media networks and pages on your own, but it will take a lot of time BleupagePro will post content to all of your social media accounts and pages autonomously without you having to worry about anything.




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