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11 ways to drink water before eating help you lose 5 kg quickly – drinking water and weight loss 

How to drink water before eating help you lose 5 kg quickly? – drinking water and weight loss 

Water filter

According to the study, the people who drink 500 ml of filtered water before every meal can lose weight more than five times normal. Get unexpected results is due to drinking water before eating can curb the hunger feeling no, causing you to eat less. Furthermore, drink water before eating also helps boost your body’s metabolism, increase blood circulation and hasten the process of energy consumption.

So, here is the simple weight loss methods that are suitable for people who do not like dieting, don’t want to have to calculate the day on what to eat and what to see. You may not even need to plan to cut meals or favorite dishes.

drinking water and weight loss

Soy milk

Soy milk is regarded as one of the foods that help prevent obesity effectively. Because it helps reduce cholesterol concentrations, inhibit and block the absorption of cholesterol in the body. It also helps to burn fat, prevents the increase of blood fat and create the toned muscle.
Therefore, soy drink 30 minutes before eating is also the method of reducing your weight effective. But remember you have to drink without sugar, if sugar drink will effect reverse. And not drinking too 500 ml per day, so each drink you just drink about 150 ml is enough.

drinking water and weight loss

Lemon honey

As many studies have shown that lemon is a natural help burn fat extremely effective. What about the nutritional content of honey have in will help decrease appetite and enough additional nutrients that help the body not been debilitating in the process of losing weight

However, due to the drink before meals at the body is hungry so you are not taking too much lemon would harm the stomach, each user just a corner eight lemon with 1 teaspoon honey mix little warm water. If used every day, the mixture of lemon honey also helps the body eliminate toxins out, help strengthen the immune system should not only help the beautiful designs, beautiful skin but also very beneficial for health.

drinking water and weight loss

Limit sugar and salt intake

Fiber will certainly indispensable if you want to get a slender body and a youthful skin is smooth. Fiber increases metabolism in the body, the toxins, increase satiety, reduce appetite.

drinking water and weight loss -Limit sugar and salt intake

Walking 30 minutes a day

Always maintain good habits because it not only helps you lose weight safely, but also keep you a healthy toughness against all diseases.

drinking water and weight loss  - Walking 30 minutes a day 


Nap helps you recover energy after a morning of hard work, maintain energy for the afternoon shift. When you sleep, your brain secretes a substance called leptin, this substance can affect the ability to control weight gain, avoid the risk of obesity.

A siesta lasts from 15-30 minutes will help the body healthy and harder, work more productive, better weight loss.

drinking water and weight loss - nap

Drink warm milk before bedtime

milk contains a protein called casein micelle is to help build and maintain muscle. It also helps strengthen the body’s metabolism, which means you will burn more calories each day, even when sleeping.

One other great thing, drink milk before bed will keep you full and easy to sleep until the next morning.


drinking water and weight loss

Drink a cup of tea

Please drink a cup of green tea or Chamomile tea isn’t tea milk or sugar. It contains many antioxidants and relax, soothe the nerves. It just keeps you asleep faster, and works to reduce fat around the abdomen.

drinking water and weight loss

Water lemon peel

For finely chopped lemon peel into the pot along with 200 ml of water. Boil the mixture of water and lemon rind in about 10 minutes under a small fire to make sure the lemon peel out.

Distilled water and take the drink in the evening before going to sleep. Pectin components contained in the lemon peel that will help the body reduce sugar absorption, promoting weight loss. This method is completely safe for your health and your stomach. However, the essential oil of lemon peel will make the mixture of water and the taste slightly bitter.

drinking water and weight loss

Lemon juice, flavored, cinnamon, honey

Raw materials include 2 spoons of lemon juice, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 table spoon of honey, 80 ml of water, parsley branch 5. All material on the Blender puree, remove the filter and drink water.
Parsley will help replenish vitamins and minerals, antioxidant, prevents water, against flatulence. Cinnamon helps reduce fat uptake, muscle growth. Lemon and honey will help remove excess fat in the body.

drinking water and weight loss

Aloe Vera juice, lemon, cucumber

Use the juice of half a lemon, 1 spoonful of ginger, 1 cucumber Peel, 2 branches of Aloe Vera 80 ml of water, rind removed. All this material into the Blender puree and clam taking drinking water each evening before going to sleep.
Cucumber would help drain excess fat and contain very few calories. The lemon will do also purifies the digestive system, the toxic waste in the body to increase metabolism up. Ginger also increases metabolism and melt fat, help to keep the body warm while you sleep. Also Aloe Vera then natural oxidation reduction, anti-inflammatory and stimulating consume more energy.

Here are all the ways I can help you lose weight safely and effectively. Have a nice day! 🙂


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